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Iowa Source Cover Story Features Cafe Paradiso!

2014_08_cafep-coffeeOne Man’s Passion Pays Off at Popular Fairfield Coffeehouse
by Mo Ellis, August 2014

I’m sitting outside Café Paradiso (a.k.a. CafeP) soaking up the sun and drinking my morning cappuccino with owner Steve Giacomini, while he describes his first experience of coffee. “My mother opened a can of Yuban and the aroma was amazing, but after brewing—yuk! Even under cream and sugar.” That disappointment may have set Steve up to devote a good portion of his life to perfecting coffee that tastes as good as it smells.

Steve’s “all in” when he likes something. An astrologer once described Steve as a creative free spirit with the “chart of a crazy person.” Precisely what it takes to get an authentic coffeehouse off the ground in rural Iowa.

Steve’s passion for exceptional coffee was cemented in Berkeley with his inseparable friends, artists Bill Teeple and Lyn Durham. Over time, the three migrated from Southern California to the East Bay. According to Steve, “I tasted my first latte at Caffe Mediterraneum

[a.k.a. the Med], and realized you could capture that complex coffee aroma in a cup.”

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