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Singer/songwriter Powerhouse Dan Tedesco at Café Paradiso

“…Dan Tedesco is at once extremely talented and intensely original.” – Ben Kieffer, Iowa Public Radio

“…hear Dan Tedesco seamlessly meld Bob Dylan-esque lyrics with powerful guitar work straight from a Motorhead album.” – Ben Kieffer, Iowa Public Radio

Dan Tedesco is the quintessential modern-day troubadour, narrating the American experience in song honestly and intimately, and with a big sound to boot. A solo artist, Tedesco’s stage show is framed by a minimalist production that finds him belting out folk-spiced rockers from behind an electrified acoustic guitar while foot-stomping percussion rounds out many of the arrangements.

Originally from Chicago and now living in Des Moines, Iowa, Dan plays anywhere from 150 to 200 shows a year.

Chad Taylor of Des Moines City View says: Throughout his concerts, Tedesco feeds off his crowd and they off him, and individual songs can often become raucous, stomping, high-energy affairs.” That he accomplishes all of this without a backing band, pre-recorded rhythm sections or looping tracks is impressive”.

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