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Julie Christensen with Sergio Webb at Cafe Paradiso

“–one of the truer singers you’ll ever hear — straight up, no mannerisms, perfect taste; recognize how she could sing with both Leonard Cohen and Chris D.” -LA WEEKLY

Julie Christensen co-fronted post-punk rockers Divine Horsemen, and is a veteran of Leonard Cohen’s bands (and the documentary “Leonard Cohen-I’m Your Man”.) From performances with Lou Reed to Leonard Cohen, Julie Christensen’s story is woven into decades of the fabric of underground and roots rock ’n’ roll. Julie tells her stories, “conveying the beauty of suffering with a subtlety that has become her signature,” no matter what the genre they are sung in.  

Her current Band, Stone Cupid’s résumés feature stage or studio credits for a wide swath of top-shelf acts, including Midnight Oil, Sheryl Crow, Agent Orange, Americana stalwarts Matthew Ryan, Amelia White and David Olney. 

Julie will perform at Café Paradiso on Friday, August 10th with one of her Stone Cupid bandmates, Sergio Webb, who has wowed Café Paradiso audiences in the past accompanying veteran performer David Olney.

“You don’t earn a pedigree like Julie Christensen’s without a high level of authenticity… Christensen manages to convey the beauty of suffering with a subtlety that cannot be faked…Probably best known for her work with Leonard Cohen, Christensen has earned a reputation for her vocal versatility.  She is indeed a force to be reckoned with…” -Michel Miller, VC Reporter

“Simply put, this gal’s voice can raise every single hair on my body— and all at the same time! Be it R&B, pop, rock, she can sing it all, and with style, too.”  -LA Weekly

Showtime is Friday, August 10th at 8pm. Tickets are $10 in advance ( or at Paradiso), $12 at the show.